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… treatments for gentle and effective care

The Lavrand trademark offers a line of the craft cosmetics. It consists of products for effective facial and body care. Over the years, it continues to be of interest, supporting different generations in their life cycles using a variety of solutions, such as: moisturizers, anti-acne products, funds with a filler effect, as well as anti-aging products.

We have solutions for all skin types.


Based upon the experience in production of cosmetics, the Lavrand brand offers accessible care treatments for everyone according to their needs.

New formulas with Snail slime

Secondly, Snail slime extract causes fibroblast proliferation, which is an important factor in wound healing. It has also been found that it reduces the regulation of MPM, the enzyme responsible for reducing the amount of collagen in the skin.

Snail slime extract manages to stimulate a lot of complex actions in the epidermis. First of all, due to well-known antioxidant enzymes Superoxide dismutase and Glutathione s-transferase  it has strong antioxidant properties.

All these together gives the snail mucin not only healing and regenerative properties, but also excellent anti-aging qualities.